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New Orleans, well known as the "Big Easy"  gives a home to the diamant of music, Jazz.Think of Louis Armstrong, Dixieland, Mardi Grass and the French Quarter. The unforgettable roots of jazz. To keep this Music alive, we founded the Big Easy Brassband to bring the traditional and modern jazz to public.


The Big Easy Brassband was founded in 2005 with experienced Musicions gathered from diverce Brassbands like  N' Awlins Brassband, KIng Zulu's Brassband, Hurricane Brassband and the Red Gorilla Brassband.


The Big Easy plays a divercity of jazzstyles, aspecially New Orleans Jazz, Blues and Swing & Funky Jazz.


The band brings Music for everone and makes a strong connection with the adience. We play on (street) Festivals, Bussiness events as well as in small pubs through out Europe.



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